A MINT young person’s perspective

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What to know what it’s like coming to MINT? Read about Lisa’s experience below…

“In Autumn 2014 I was recommended to join MINT by my mum who had heard about what the service provided.

My job coach was Mark Surridge, who left MINT last year, and who was a massive support to me. I initially joined MINT because I had both anxiety and depression and found it almost impossible to socialise. My mental health also made it difficult to perform tasks in a job role. This was a barrier that I knew I needed to conquer through stepping out of my comfort zone.

Mark helped me to gain work experience in roles that I was interested in, such as retail and administration, which I learnt a lot from. I enjoyed this work experience so much and gained a lot of confidence which helped me to get a job at a call centre. I would not have stepped foot into this place if it wasn’t for the understanding, encouragement and support that I received from going to workshops at MINT and having weekly sessions with my job coach. After working full time for a few months I left Insight due personal reasons and by this time Mark had left MINT.

Shortly afterwards I met my new job coach, Chelsea, about whom I have nothing but positive words to say. Chelsea treated me with absolute respect and I felt completely at ease telling her about my barriers. We came up with plenty of solutions in order to tackle anxiety and she attended an interview with me for Wilkinson’s that I was extremely nervous about. Whilst I didn’t get the job I had gone to plenty more interviews and slowly felt my confidence increase.

After a couple of months of furious job hunting I now have a job at Greggs which I am starting in July! I am so proud of my progress, I can see the huge difference in both my attitude to work and my determination to do something about it. Going to MINT was a brilliant idea and I think young people like me really benefit in every way from the excellent support that is provided!”


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