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This week we have a blog post written by another of our young people who attended a workshop that Barclays very kindly ran for us last week…


“On the 28th of October MINT hosted an event where Barclays representatives came in and gave talks on what I believe are two very important aspects of life: finance and job interviews.

The first session was on financing and the topics covered included planning how to spend/save your money, debt and what to do if you have any and more generally good explanations of many key terms. As well as learning about these areas the group also played Blockbusters (a competitive game) to test what we had been taught and for the last 10-15 minutes there was an open question and answer session in which MINT young people asked about certain situations they might find themselves in and how to handle them. Personally I found these couple of hours very eye-opening as well as something positive that I could apply to my own life.

After lunch two different representatives came in and gave the group a talk and a fairly hands-on session on job interviews.  The first part of it was a talk and a PowerPoint presentation on areas like what to do before, during and after an interview and general “do’s and don’ts”. The Barclays staff members were very knowledgeable and gave loads of helpful hints which again we could easily apply to our own lives. After that they did mock interviews with us all and when the process was done, gave everyone a good point and even more valuably a “how to improve” point. Again I believe it was a very productive way to spend an afternoon.

I would like to say a big thank you to the people from Barclays who gave up their time to come and speak to us and also the people at MINT who consistently organise helpful and engaging days and workshops to improve the skills and qualities of their young people as well as giving valuable insights into the world of work.”

Written by Jay Keenan


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