Britannia Training Visit

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Trip to Britannia review

By Brandon King

The group went to Britannia for a tour and guide of health and safety by the CEO of Britannia Colin. He was very nice and polite as he gave us a tour around the main building.

We were briefed by Colin about what kind of things use health and safety. For example, the kind of jobs that use health and safety measures for example (construction). We were then allowed to look, talk and wear specialist pieces of equipment for example ear muffs, special types of gloves and special hats.

We then went around lots of scaffolding which looked good however it had 60 problems with it. If you did a scaffolding course there, you would have to identify 55 problems with it.

We then went for a tour around some machines for example the forklift and the scissor machine which some of us when for a ride on. I was allowed onto it and it was a lot of fun.  

At the end of our visit we were given lunch break by Britannia as they supplied us with sandwiches, snacks, crisps and drinks.

We then had our photo taken at the end with our certificates showing that we have had the health and safety workshop.

Overall it was a fun trip and experience and the whole group really enjoyed it.



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