Christmas Greetings

2014-12-24 09:47:39 | Uncategorized

As we come towards the end of 2014, it’s a great opportunity for us to look back over the last year at MINT and consider all the things that we have achieved as a project, as well as our young people.

Our job successes and retention have gone from strength to strength this year, with plenty of new employers coming on board to give young people a chance. The vast majority of this is down to our Employment Job Coaches approaching employers directly and simply asking about jobs and work experience, which we find works most effectively. The main industries we’ve seen people getting into in 2014 have been retail and hospitality, however we have found an increasing number of people are getting work in the care profession, some as a direct result of our newest Pre-Employment project in Care which ran at the start of this year. Norse Care were incredibly supportive in giving the young people on the project the opportunity to do work experience at some of their care homes, and it was wonderful to see their confidence and skills develop over the 12 weeks of the project. Following on from this success we plan on running a second project within care in 2015.

The other Pre-Employment projects have continued to run successfully too, with many young people successfully getting into work from the Customer Service and Retail projects. We would like to say a huge “thank you” to the many employers who support these projects and give so many young people the chance to gain experience, confidence and independence.

2015 will also see another brand new project begin, specialising in Administration, as this is an area many of our young people want to work in. Further projects will also continue to take place in Hospitality, Customer Service and Retail.

Next year will also see the roll-out of our new workshops. We have redesigned the existing ones and added some new ones, including Money Management and Manual Handling. We also look forward to continuing to work with the British Red Cross in providing opportunities for our young people to gain valuable certified first aid training.

This year we have seen a significant number of people getting work in temporary and seasonal jobs, largely in retail and manual work, but surprisingly not just for the busy Christmas period. We still continue to work with these young people to help them find something more sustainable, and happily a few have been made permanent after starting with their employer on a temporary basis.

We are so proud of the steps our young people are taking to get into paid employment and we understand what a huge challenge it can be. Inspiration can be drawn from those who have already achieved it – this year one of our young people was made “Employee of the Year” at Sainsbury’s and one was made “Employee of the Month” at Serco! Well done to them both.

Other areas that our young people have been involved in include entrepreneurial activities such as selling their own artwork in The Forum (one of whom sold out completely) and meeting the Governors of City College Norwich last week. We very much encourage involvement in as many activities and interests as possible, as these can really help young people develop their confidence and build new skills.

So it just remains for us to say thank you to all the employers we have worked with over the last twelve months, our young people for all their efforts and hard work and the other support organisations we deal with regularly. We look forward to an even more successful 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the MINT team.


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