Elliot's Story

2017-06-20 13:58:46 | Uncategorized

Elliot’s progress on getting a job


Hi my name is Elliot Bell and I was a student from Project Search during 2012. When I finished my days at Project Search I enrolled onto Mint. They were going to help me find a permanent career. It took me four years to find a place that was suitable and every job that I looked for didn’t work for me. When I finished my days at Project Search I had temporary work at Williams Lee which didn’t work go well, then I had another temporary post at Face to Face Finance and that was okay but after that I had no work for a while. I did some voluntary work and temporary work but 2015 I got an apprenticeship working in for the Business Support Team at Norfolk County Council and got an NVQ Level 1. Again I was out of work for a while and had to do temporary jobs again when I could get them. It was after this that I finally got a permanent place in 2017 in the annex at the Norfolk County Council working as a Business Information Assistant. Maybe it took me five years to get permanent career in a place that was suitable for me. When there comes a time when your looking for employment you just have to keep going until you find the right area that meets your skills and strengths. 


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