Entrepreneur turns pet passion into a business

2016-11-18 14:33:10 | Uncategorized

Today we’re speaking to Willow, one of our young people, who has set up her own pet sitting business. Here, Willow tells us what inspired her to establish the business and how she went about it.

What made you want to set up your own business?

“It was something that I was interested in as I’m very passionate about looking after animals and I thought about joining another business as an employee but I wanted to have more say and independence in what I was doing.”

What is your business?

“Pet and house-sitting are the main areas but I also do dog-walking and daytime pet visits for people who are out all day. This includes dogs, cats and all small animals.”

Why did you decide to do a pet-sitting business?

“I love animals and wanted to look after them. I also have a relevant qualification – Animal Care L2 – and it was something I could do while being self-employed. I have done work experience with animals in the past at PACT Animal Sanctuary which gave me experience working with a wide variety of animals.”

Do you have any pets yourself?

“Yes, I have 3 cats, Ziggy, Misty and Dewie, and a dachshund called Cookie.”


What things did you have to take into consideration when you set the business up?

“I had to consider what sort of insurance I would have to get. I also looked up what other people were doing with similar businesses and what they were charging. I had to think about advertisement – I’ve set up a website and a Facebook page as well as getting leaflets and business cards printed.”

How did you decide what to charge people?

“I looked into what other people were charging to get a general idea, and then I had to consider covering my own costs such as travel and any equipment I needed to buy, whilst still making a profit.”

How did you design and create your own website?

“I used a free website-building site and they gave some suggestions as to what I should include. They gave me a basic template and an idea of my pages, and then I had to input the relevant information. I can add to the site in the future if I want to as the business develops.”

What advice would you give to others who would like to set their own business up?

“Find something that they’re interested in and see how available it is in their area – are there many other people doing it?”

How can people get in touch if they want to arrange to use your services?

“They can contact me through my website – http://willowspetandhousesitting.webs.com.”


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