First Aid Training pays off for Becky

2014-07-18 14:36:48 | Uncategorized

One of our young people recently completed an Emergency First Aid course with the Red Cross but little did she know how soon she would need to put her new skills into practice.

Becky Armiger completed the one-day course run for us by the Red Cross in April. She had also just started working at Center Parcs as a cleaner on a part time basis, and regularly got the bus that picks some of the staff up to take them to the holiday village in Norfolk. One day one of her colleagues collapsed and had a fit when they got off the bus. Becky acted quickly and remembered what she had learnt on the Emergency First Aid course; she put her colleague in the recovery position, made sure there was nothing that could harm her and then called a paramedic.

Becky showed maturity and a calm, level-headed approach under pressure. As a result of Becky’s quick responses, her employer is now going to put her on the full first aid qualification and she will become a trained First Aider at Center Parcs! Well done Becky!


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