Jenna's leaving message

2016-04-15 08:00:33 | Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

So as some of you know, my time with MINT has come to an end…..

I am moving on to a completely new career which I am very excited about but I will miss all my colleagues here very much as well as all you young people. Some of you I have worked quite closely with, some of you a few times, and for other of you it’s been a hello here and there.

Throughout my time here, I have been mostly involved in designing workshops and being part of the Retail Pre-Employment. I have lots of fab memories and here are some of my highlights:

  • Receiving the news of when one of you gets a job

  • The excitement of starting the Retail Pre-Employment Projects (I have done 4)

  • Getting Sarah Bird with the fake parking ticket

  • Getting Sarah Bird with the fake spiders

  • Making some fabulous friends

  • Seeing the confidence of young people grow through engaging with us, attending workshops and work placements

I will certainly miss seeing the end results of the young people I am currently supporting as well as others of you that I know of – but I will definitely be keeping in touch to hear how your all getting on and I might bump into some of you when I pop back in the office to say hello.

I do just also want to say that I know each and every one of you have the skills and abilities to achieve success in life…….you are all unique and have something great to offer, so find what it is and use it. Enjoy the simple things in life and be happy – cheesy I know, but why not! All the best, Jenna :-)


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