Keen as Mustard to talk about MINT!

2015-09-21 13:32:58 | Uncategorized

A couple of weeks ago Mustard TV paid another visit to MINT. This time they spoke to Mark McCarthy, who talked about how we help our young people. In particular he discussed how our work is very much about mentoring and coaching – in other words we are led by our young people and always start by looking at their situation when they first join us, discuss where they would like to get to and then support them through the process of getting there. 


They also mentioned our successes from a jobs perspective (at the moment we have had 239 people move into sustainable jobs with an average retention rate of 82%.) Mark then talked about the importance of having a good quality CV in order to reach interview stages when looking for work.

Promoting our service, particularly to employers who may be able to offer opportunities to our young people, is a very valuable part of what we do. If you would like us to discuss our services within your business please contact us on 01603 773760.


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