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We received a lovely email this week from one of our young people named Chris Clark, who is on the Prince’s Trust “Team Programme”, a 12 week project that combines team-building activities, community work and developing employability skills and confidence. Chris wrote to tell us all about their residential week away:


“Hello Adam!

My apologies for not replying much sooner sir, wanted to wait until some events were over, and wanted to send an email on the work-days.

To wit, the residential course went very well, and I certainly enjoyed it! First day we arrived, we dropped our bags off in the cosy dorms/facilities and immediately went to do outdoor activities, ‘scavenger hunt’, ice-breakers and games/team work things. Did cooking/dogsbody for the first group to cook that night; pasta bake with chicken/bacon or tuna. Produced far too much food as did every group each night that cooked. Tuesday, outdoor/physical activities, team work tasks including abseiling off the tower. Wednesday, committed to free-style rock-climbing and abseiling off a much taller bridge while it rained heavily – fortunately most of us had the fore-sight to bring waterproofs.

Thursday, did outdoor orienteering – I apparently was supposed to be leading the group but nobody told me, things went south and drama occurred, archery in the evening was most enjoyable though, pretty accurate. Friday, indoor mental-challenge task in the morning, then made our way home, dining on some healthy food/artificially produced food-based matter at McDonald’s.

Third week and this week, lots of paper work, planning fund-raising events to ensure a Community Project; renovating the wildlife area at COE Old Catton Junior School. The first fund-raising event was bag-packing at Morrison’s – good work which raised far more than previous groups apparently; £430ish, far above the usual £120-£140 mark. Customer service experience certainly helped, sir.

During the weeks, we have performed fire drills in full firefighter gear, first week was the most arduous; hose drills, basically carrying the heavy hoses and deploying them, using the water-jets, last week we performed a team work activity, to improvise a triangular ‘dam’ from ladders in two opposing groups, tarp and rope to hold in water. My group succeeded with ease, and the opposing group’s captain was treated to experiencing what the wrong-end of the fire-hose is like. Glorious, more-so because he forgot to zip his gear up and pull the visor down.

Tomorrow we perform another fire-drill; using Jaws of Life, prising cars open and basically doing rescue scenarios, if the Firefighters at the station are not called out. On Wednesday we do our charity 10-mile walk through Marriot’s way, right past the back of my neighbourhood.

Kindly Regarded indeed, CC”


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