Mental Health First Aid training helps MINT staff

2015-02-13 12:56:27 | Uncategorized

This week four members of staff from MINT attended MIND’s Mental Health First Aid training and said they found it incredibly helpful. MIND are a mental health charity who both support people with mental health issues and offer information and increased awareness regarding mental health in general. Their 2-day Mental Health First Aid course is designed for people like ourselves who work with people with mental health issues. It teaches people to recognise signs and symptoms of many mental health issues, how to offer initial support and how to provide guidance for further support.

Sarah Bird, Sarah Westrup, Litza Pantelli and Mark Surridge all attended the training from MINT, putting the proportion of staff from MINT who have received the training up to 80%! Their trainer, Simon, said this is the most of any business which is great news for the support we can offer our young people, and we will be the first project to get a certificate to reflect this.

Sarah Bird, Sarah Westrup and Litza Pantelli from MINT, with Simon, the MIND trainer

Sarah Bird, Sarah Westrup and Litza Pantelli from MINT, with Simon, the MIND trainer

Mark Surridge said “What a brilliant time we all had on the Mental Health First Aid course…it was so insightful and has given us all new outlooks.”

Sarah Bird said “It was amazing and great to also have lots of resources to refer people to when they feel they need it.”

Some of the topics covered included what mental health is, alcohol, drugs, depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, self-harm and psychosis. These are things affecting a huge number of young people today, including those we work with, and MIND aim to educate people in supporting others who are affected by any of these issues, both in managing them and ultimately recovering from them.

We would like to thank Simon and his colleagues at MIND for the fantastic training provided.


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