MINT team day out – Hautbois House

2015-07-27 15:29:25 | Uncategorized

We work very closely as a team here at MINT and although we know each other extremely well, it’s not often that we can all be together without the distraction of people coming in to see us, phones, job coaching appointments or various other things. So on Friday we took a City College Norwich minibus to Hautbois House for a morning of brainstorming and discussing ideas for developing MINT over the next 12 months, followed by an afternoon of (very wet) team-building activities.

 Away day 

The more serious work-related bit in the morning was a great opportunity for us to discuss what works well at MINT and what we feel we could improve on, and every member of the team came with the type of creative and imaginative ideas that have made our project the success is has been so far. As a result of the thoughts and suggestions we collated, we have an array of exciting ideas to work on and implement to continue the success we have with our young people. Some of you will see these in action over the coming months! We also did an energiser that tested our knowledge of each other – it turns out we perhaps don’t know each other as well as we thought!

After a delicious lunch – including apple crumble and cream which went down very well with the whole team – we changed into old clothes and waterproofs and braved the downpour that is our current summer weather. We had 90 minutes to complete as many team tasks from a list as possible, and earned extra points for good team work (obviously we did brilliantly in this regard!) We also had the chance to climb 50ft up a tree – scary but really rewarding once you get to the top – and then abseil down. We really did help each other through this, with lots of encouraging words of support.

We may have been very wet and quite cold by the end of the day but it didn’t dampen our spirits and it was lovely to spend a bit of “down time” with the people we spend most of our days with. The team at Hautbois House, particularly our Instructor Abi and whoever made the apple crumble, were superb so we want to extend a huge thank you to them for a great day out.


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