Norwich for Jobs Three Year Celebration

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A small group of the job coaches from MINT attended a fantastic event on Friday 22nd January celebrating three years of Norwich for Jobs’ increasing success.

Norwich for Jobs is a campaign started and championed by the Rt. Hon. Chloe Smith MP. In its inception the mission was a very clear and ambitious one – to halve the youth unemployment figure in Norwich over two years. To achieve this a steering group was established to guide and develop the project, led by Tom Adams of Norwich Job Centre Plus.

On Friday, Chloe shared with us that youth unemployment in Norwich is at its lowest since 1985, with less than 500 people aged 18-24 registered as unemployed. This is obviously a fantastic statistic, and testament to the effectiveness of the hard work that everyone involved has contributed – and ‘everyone involved’ is a long list indeed!

A wide variety of local employers have pledged their support of the project to varying degrees, from offering CV writing advice and guidance, to work tasters and placements, all the way through to apprenticeships and paid employment. Their contributions too were celebrated on Friday, led by a compelling presentation from Justin Harris of Tarmac Ltd, whose passion for Norwich for Jobs and the young people it supports was evident immediately.

Sarah, Shelagh, Lee and Mark from MINT talk to the Rt. Hon. Priti Patel, Minister of State for Employment and the Rt. Hon. Chloe Smith MP on Friday

Sarah, Shelagh, Lee and Mark from MINT talk to the Rt. Hon. Priti Patel, Minister of State for Employment and the Rt. Hon. Chloe Smith MP on Friday

The Rt. Hon. Priti Patel, Minister of State for Employment, was also in attendance to show her support of the project and the young people it helps. During her address, Mrs. Patel showered praise on all those individuals, organisations and businesses that have contributed to the success of Norwich for Jobs. She then went on to reinforce that the new focus for Norwich for Jobs will be targeting more specifically those young people with disabilities and impairments. Having previously had a conversation with our very own Sarah Bird, Mrs. Patel highlighted to everyone present the excellent work we are doing at MINT, and how closely it fits with the Norwich for Jobs agenda going into year four.

All of us had the pleasure of meeting a lot of committed and passionate people today. Robert Ashton of Swarm Apprenticeships, Beryl Blower the Sheriff of Norwich, and Helen Taylor of Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel to name just a few. All people that have pledged or otherwise promised to help and support Norwich for Jobs in its ongoing work helping young people.

Last mention should go to two young people – Ryan Barnes and Kerry Stone. These are two champions of Norwich for Jobs who agreed to share their experiences of how the campaign has helped them to achieve their goals, build their confidence and move into paid employment. Ryan worked with MINT in 2013/14, successfully gaining and completing a level 2 administration apprenticeship with Broadland Council Training Services. Unfortunately BCTS were not able to offer Ryan a paid position upon completion of his apprenticeship. However, with the support from Norwich for Jobs via Norwich Job Centre Plus, Ryan has moved back into paid employment and is building back up towards the career he wants!

A huge thank you to everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing you all at future Norwich for Jobs birthday celebrations!


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