Norwich hosts EU Referendum debate for Channel 4

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On Monday 6th June MINT young people were invited to attend an EU Referendum Debate for 18 to 25 year olds located at Norwich Castle. The debate was televised on Channel 4 and was hosted by newsreader Jon Snow. 3 young people and 1 member of staff participated in this evening of political discussions, coming prepared with research and some already strong views, but hoping to learn more.


Ross Palgrave was one of the young people to attend. This is what Ross had to say.

“I wanted to attend this event because I wanted to find out more about the EU Referendum and find out more about other peoples’ opinions. Before I went in, I had already decided I would be voting out. This is because I believe Britain should have the right to make its own laws, here at home, rather than out in Brussels. We spend hundreds of millions of pounds on being in the EU and I believe we should be spending that money on improving the lives of the people in Britain, including giving the cash-strapped NHS some badly needed money for example.

My opinions more or less stayed the same after the debate. I enjoyed attending a televised debate for the first time as it was a new experience for me seeing how it is done. It was also good to hear the other side of the debate as well as mine The evening could have been better because I feel only one issue was really discussed in any detail and I don’t believe the full message and range of issues were really put across to the young audience watching.”

The evening was a great opportunity for us to hear the views of other people and expand on our knowledge of how the EU Referendum will affect the country with either outcome. It was agreed amongst the MINT attendees that unfortunately not enough topics were covered. Despite Jon Snow asking twice whether immigration or the economy were the biggest concerns, with the audience largely choosing the economy, immigration still seemed to be the focus of the evening.

Kieran Cushing was another of the young people attending and had the following to say:

“I wanted to attend so that I could hear peoples’ opinions and points of view for the EU Referendum and maybe have the chance to be on TV. My views on the event have changed what I think us as a nation should do, but I still feel that when the debate happened there were a lot of questions that they did not answer.”


Following the debate there were opportunities to network with other young people and also speak with Jon Snow directly. We of course asked for a photo, to which John said he wanted a selfie with us!

Despite the lack of topics covered the evening was a great experience for all and we were grateful to Channel 4 for choosing Norwich to host this event. Well done to the young people for attending and wanting to be involved in such an important and current issue. The vote is taking place on Thursday 23rd June so try to get in some last minute research and be a part of something which will affect each and every one of us.


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