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You will probably be aware of the EU Referendum coming up on Thursday 23rd June, when the country will decide whether we should remain in the EU or leave it.

There is only one day left to register to vote in the Referendum and we thought it would be a good chance to outline the reasons why you should be registered and have the opportunity to vote.

Having your say in how the UK is run

This is a pretty obvious one. If you’re not registered to vote you essentially have no say in how things are run within the UK. By voting you can make it clear what decisions you would support and what you think should happen. Regarding the EU Referendum, this is a vote that will have an impact in many areas, regardless of which way you vote, and to have been an active part of that is all part of engaging within society.

Local MPs are there to represent you

When it comes to local elections, you can have your say in who represents you in Parliament where debates take place and the decisions are made. You are also able to contact your local MP about issues that are important to you and encourage them to raise issues in Parliament.

Build your credit rating

This might not mean much if you’re 18, but later on down the line if you want to buy a house and get a mortgage you will need to have a decent credit score or credit rating. Being on the electoral register will instantly increase your credit rating without you even having to vote!

Our ancestors worked hard to get us the vote

Less than 100 years ago in 1918, only 58% of men were eligible to vote, and women didn’t universally get voting rights until 1928. Many people fought for this – and some even died – so many people see it as a respectful mark to use your vote.

Talk with your feet

Things change because people speak up. The website quotes that only 44% of 18-25 year olds voted in 2010. Imagine if the remaining 56% had their say – many of the things you would like to see happen could get more support and you could easily see things change in the way you want.

Blank voting says more than not voting

If you don’t support a particular political party and don’t vote because you don’t agree enough with what the parties say, they may well just assume you can’t be bothered to vote. However if you register to vote and spoil your ballot paper by crossing all the boxes or leave it blank, these ballots are taken into account as representative of people who are not satisfied politically.

Essentially there are many reasons to at least register to vote, so go to and it will only take a few minutes. Registering to vote closes tomorrow, Tuesday 7th June, so do it now!



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