Work Experience by Joe S

2018-05-24 11:54:59 | Uncategorized

I was at Eaton Park with Norse doing work experience

Every week for 8 Friday’s I started at 8 o’ clock I finished at half-past 2

I did litter picking spraying and cleaning sinks and toilets. been raking in the park and going on the vans to different streets. I have been cutting the branches using the hand blower to blow Stuff.  Scraping green stuff and green weeds with the hoe. Putting the green cuttings in the black bins and branches on the van. Fresh sand by the tractor I use the shovel to put in wheelbarrow. Taking the dates and the months off the boards and put new dates and months those sign boards.

I enjoyed working with people

I am doing a work experience at A. G. Meales every week for 4 Fridays.


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