Working towards a career in care

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Recently you have been hearing about our Customer Service Pre-Employment project, so we thought it might be interesting to find out more about the Care Pre-Employment Project which runs once each year. We asked the group who recently completed the project to write about their experiences.

“The Care Pre-Employment Project is where people who are interested in care learn more about working in this area and can gain experience.

We had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks in a Norse care home doing work experience. Our roles in the care home involved domestic cleaning, laundry, feeding and personal care as well as having a chance to get to know the lovely residents.

Once a week we went into MINT where we learnt employability skills, lots of different things about jobs in care homes, how to prepare for these roles and we learnt more about Dementia. We had lots of fun as a group – in the first week we went to Whitlingham Lane and learnt how to build a shelter and start a fire, we went to City College Norwich and learnt how to cook healthy snacks for elderly people and we did lots of other fun activities.

Members of our Care Pre-Employment group 2015

Members of our Care Pre-Employment group 2015

In doing this project, we have gained First Aid and moving & handling training and developed a wide range of skills, such as communication, reading and writing and many others. This course has helped us so much and without this great opportunity we would be lost. Before we came to MINT we lacked confidence and were very anxious in communicating with people, but since doing this 12 week course we have much more confidence.

This project would be perfect for anyone interested in care and looking to build up confidence.

We would like to say a big think you to Norse Care for working with us on this project.”


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