What our Young People Say

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William H Brown

“Working with MINT was great, it helped me get an apprenticeship I enjoy and like.”

Liam Blake, William H. Brown, Apprentice Administrator

Royal Norwich Golf Club

“The people are friendly here and the environment is nice.”

Charlotte Evans, Royal Norwich Golf Club, Front of House Assistant

The Bawburgh School

“Working at MINT has helped me improve my confidence, job search and in getting useful tips to getting interviews right. I feel amazing working at Bawburgh School, working with the chef, teachers and serving the children. The School and MINT have been very supportive.”

Stephen Goudie, The Bawburgh School, Catering Assistant

Yemek Yemek

“I am really learning a lot and my confidence is so much better. I am enjoying it and I think this is good for me so I am glad I went for it.”

Ruby West, Apprentice Waitress, Yemek Yemek

Odeon Cinemas

“Working with MINT and doing work experience has helped me generate skills – more so than other employment. It has additionally helped my personal skills and interactions with members of the public.”

Tom Davies, Odeon Cinemas, Seasonal Team Member

Whitehall Lodge Care Home

“I think MINT has helped me gain confidence and now I am loving the job I am doing.”

Tanya Hart, Whitehall Lodge Care Home, Apprentice Care Assistant

Taverham Nursery

“I am enjoying my work and learning new skills.”

James Hood, Greenhouse Assistant, Taverham Nursery

Eastlands Care Home

“Having this job means everything to me. I love all the staff – they are great to be around and are really supportive.”

Laura Tully, Eastlands Care Home, Care Assistant

Pettits Animal Adventure Park

“MINT helped me gain confidence. I enjoyed the help I received.”

Jorga Maxtead, Pettits Animal Adventure Park, Catering Assistant


“MINT has been a great help, giving lots of great advice and support. My confidence and communication has improved a lot. I’m happy to have support from Sarah in the work place.”

Jamie Bromage, Initial, Cleaner

Angel Road Junior School

“MINT has helped me improve my confidence, prepare for interviews and with jobsearching. MINT were friendly.”

Sarah Nicholls, Cleaner, Angel Road Junior School


“Everyone is great and friendly. MINT are very helpful and understanding.”

Ryan Betts, General Assistant, Sainsbury’s


“I am enjoying my work here and Serco have really supported me to settle in. Thank you.”

Gary Cowell, Serco, Yard Assistant


“I am pleased that MINT have supported me into my job at Greggs which I love!”

Thomas Doy, Greggs, Hygenist

City College Norwich Active

“I found MINT very useful – with the support from MINT I found myself with more confidence to achieve my best.”

Dean Linnell, City College Norwich Active, Customer Services Apprentice

City College Norwich - Start Up Lounge

“I really like my job. MINT really helped me find it.”

James Tisdale, City College Norwich, Receptionist & Admin Assistant

NHS - Hellesdon Hospital

“Working with MINT has helped me with overcoming my disability and providing me with the skills I need to get into work.”

Sarah Barfield, NHS – Hellesdon Hospital, Apprentice Administrator

All Saints Green Dental Practice

“Working with MINT has been a really positive experience for me; it has helped me to get my apprenticeship in Dental Nursing. Very pleased.”

Hannah Lake, All Saints Green Dental Practice, Apprentice Dental Nurse


“I have settled in well and made loads of new friends. Thanks to MINT I have managed to get a good job.”

Kim Taylor, Budgens of Holt, General Assistant


“I would like to thank MINT for getting me this job. MINT has helped me to be more independent.”

Nathan Catchpole, Initial, Cleaner

Norse Care

“The support MINT has given me has helped me be more confident at work.”

Thomas Smith, NORSE Care, Care Assistant

City College Norwich

“The support I have received from MINT has had a real positive impact on my life and enabled me to take the steps into paid work. As a result my confidence has grown immensely.”

Damien Distill, City College Norwich, Admin Assistant


“Thanks to MINT I have gained a part time job at B&Q. My goals and achievements are now a much higher challenge and I strive for bigger accomplishments”.

Martin Everitt, B&Q, Customer Advisor

Holiday Inn Norwich North

“It was a good experience for me. If I put my mind to it I can work hard and learn not to give up.”

Hayden Fiske, Holiday Inn Norwich North, Apprentice Chef 


“MINT has helped me rebuild my confidence and learn new skills to help me cope with my condition.”

Katherine Halifax, Primark, Retail Assistant


“My employer has helped me out a lot with confidence, finding out what I really want to do with my life and has given me an amazing opportunity.”

Rachel Garden, Retail Assistant, Ferailles


“The Pre-employment project at MINT has supported me greatly by giving me advice and help I need to get a job, such as creating a great covering letter, CV and improving my interview skills. My job coach helped support me in my placement at B&Q which improved my confidence and communication skills. At the end of the pre-employment project I felt ready for work.”

Ethan Hill, Wherry Housing, Property Administrator


“I have improved my confidence in my job. I love my job and am getting new skills. I get on very well with my colleagues.”

James Hood, Housekeeper, Norse


“The MINT Pre-employment course has helped me get a job. The work placement eased me into the world of work. There was an immense amount of support emotionally. Knowing someone was there for me, on my side, really helped.”

Shaun Greengrass, Myhills, Customer Assistant

Action Industrial Cleaning

“MINT has helped me by giving me instruction in my cleaning job.”

Sam Gallier, Action Industrial Cleaning, Cleaner


“Using MINT was a great decision, they helped me greatly in working out which area of work would suit me, I am now a month into a Business Admin/Accounts apprenticeship and have settled in really well.”

Darrell Allen, Marel, Business Administrator / Accounts Apprentice


“MINT helped me into paid employment through working with me to complete various application forms. Without them I would not be in the job I am in and I am very grateful for all the help I have received in multiple aspects of my life.”

Rosie Pope, Apprentice Finance Assistant, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital – Patient Services

Co-op East of England

“MINT helped support me in my interview at the Co-op. Having them there made me more comfortable. I am really happy working at the Co-op as it’s helped my confidence levels and I have found the staff team at the shop very friendly and helpful.”

Ben Homer, Co-op East of England, Sales Assistant


“The support from MINT was helpful. They have helped me every step of the way.”

William Levy, Customer Assistant, Co-op


“I really enjoy my apprenticeship.”

Matthew Amos, Catering Apprentice, Caterlink


“MINT was very helpful getting me this apprenticeship, many thanks to Campbell for the help.”

Adam Sturman, Warehouse Apprentice, Ecogreen

Eric Bates & Sons

“Thanks very much for all the help and support MINT gave me.”

Brandon Overton, Sprayer, Eric Bates & Sons


“The help I got from MINT was brilliant. I learnt new skills and qualities, met new people and gained confidence. Adam, Sarah and Rodney were 1st class staff. I started nowhere, joined and am now in work from work experience.”

Shane Barber, Sainsbury’s, General Assistant

Marzano Cafe Bar

“I talk to customers, take out food and clean tables. I love talking to the customers and enjoy my work.”

Kayleigh Coates, Table Clearer, Marzano Cafe Bar


“I am very impressed with the support MINT has given to help me get into work. Tesco Swaffham is a really fantastic place to get on with my desired job and the location is not too far to travel.”

Peter Kraaijestein, Tesco, Trolley Assistant

Black Swan International - Heathcote Care Home

“I have found MINT helpful because they helped me find a job I enjoy. It feels good to earn money.”

Aiden Kemp, Kitchen Porter, Black Swan International – Heathcote Care Home

Norse Commercial Services

“It’s been really good, thanks!”

Aaron Hill, Norse Commercial Services, Apprentice

Mills & Reeve

“MINT introduced me to Mills & Reeve through work experience, and without their support I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for the full time position. MINT have really helped me a lot.”

Patience Foster, Mills & Reeve, Filing Administrator

Smithfield Foods

“MINT has been very supportive in finding me work experience which led to me being permanently employed by an international company.”

Kelly Cartwright, Smithfield Foods, Supply Chain Administrator

ATS Euromaster

“MINT has been very good helping me get into work.”

Floyd Coull, ATS Euromaster, Technician

Norfolk County Council

“Getting paid is good and I am keeping busy with lots of different tasks. There are very nice people at work.”

Elliot Bell, Norfolk County Council, Administration Apprentice

Co-op (East of England)

“MINT has really helped me build up my confidence and knowledge regarding applying for jobs and what is expected of me within a job.”

Jay Keenan, Co-op (East of England), Customer Service Assistant


“I really enjoyed going to MINT, they helped me a lot with my confidence and showing me skills I did not know I had.”

Matt Garratt, Caterlink, Catering & Hospitality Apprentice

NHS - Hellesdon Hospital

“Mark was very helpful every time I saw him and was great at helping me get my new job at the NHS.”

David Barfield, NHS – Hellesdon, Apprentice Administrator

The Range

“MINT has really helped me with my confidence and helped me with jobsearching and to get a job.”

Hazel Price, The Range, Checkout Operator

Just Financial Planning Ltd

“The support from MINT has been really helpful and I don’t feel I would be where I am without them.”

James Williams, Just Financial Planning Ltd, Apprentice Financial Administration Assistant

Co-op (East of England)

“MINT helped me so much. They showed me skills for interviews and gave me the extra confidence to find a job.”

Paige Moore, Sales Assistant, Co-op (East of England)

Roys Ltd

“My confidence has got a lot better for working with MINT. Through the Customer Service Project and work experience I’ve learnt  lot of new skills to help find paid work. Also I always know that Sarah is supporting me in my job.”

Kevin Skipper, Roys Ltd, Sales Assistant

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance

“Thanks to Countrywide and MINT for giving me this opportunity.”

Matthew Hooks, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Landscape Operative


“MINT has helped me to be more confident in looking for jobs. I am enjoying my job at Next.”

Sarah Hawkins, Next, Sales Assistant

Brooklyn Care Home

“MINT has been really supportive. They helped me get my first aid certificate and also supported me while I have been at my new job.”

Rebecca Armiger, Brooklyn Care Home, Care Assistant

City College Norwich

“I love working at Marlies Cafe, it is brilliant.”

Liam Walls, City College Norwich – Marlies Cafe at the Vauxhall Centre, Kitchen Assistant

Linden Court Care Home

“I really like working at Linden Court because it makes me smile and it is a really nice place to work in. I am really pleased for myself because I’ve doen so well to get this far.”

Kayleigh Coates, Linden Court Care Home, Domestic Assistant


“MINT has helped me explore different opportunities that has resulted in a job. My confidence and skills have also grown tremendously in the last year.”

Sophie Bradfield, Serco, Domestic Assistant

Capron & Helliwell Solicitors

“I am enjoying my time at Capron & Helliwell.”

Jordie Sadler, Capron & Helliwell Solicitors, Office Junior

Norfolk County Council

“I have gained confidence through the overall knowledge I have learnt at MINT about the workplace. I joined the Admin Pre-Employment course with MINT to understand areas such as applying for jobs, interviews and starting employment. I have now successfully started an apprenticeship with Norfolk County Council.”

Sarah Cooper, Norfolk County Council, Apprentice IT User

Comm-Tech Voice & Data

“MINT has been very helpful, more so than any other job finders. Mark has been a great help. Comm-Tech has been great gradually introducing me to my line of work.”

Phillip Wennell, Comm-Tech Voice & Data, Apprentice Support Assistant


“MINT has helped me with my spelling and completing application forms. It has helped my confidence by doing workshops such as first aid. MINT and my Job Coach Sarah has been a great help to me with interview skills, reseaching companies and mock interviews which helped me get my job at Brantano.”

Kirsten Fiske, Brantano, Sales Assistant


“I wouldn’t have got this job without MINT’s support. I enjoy working at Caterlink and have settled in well with my colleagues.”

Ben Morgan, Caterlink, Hot Counter Assistant


“MINT has done so much to help me into paid employment. Their commitment and dedication gave me so much confidence in myself which helped me to shine.”

Jonathan O’Reilly, Waitrose, Supermarket Assistant


“MINT have been fantastic in supporting me in my search for work. They have really helped boost my confidence by helping me realise what I can achieve.”

Thomas Barrett, Spar, General Assistant


“MINT has been great as I know that there is always someone available to talk to and support me. I feel really confident now I’m in work. I really enjoy my job as I like helping customers and have got some great compliments on my work.”

William Levy, Morrisons, General Assistant


“The support I’ve received from MINT has been good. I feel that I don’t need anymore support than I have at the moment but I have gotten more confident.”

Matthew Wyatt, Software Tester, Geologix

City College Norwich

“Helped me learn to do the job more quicker than doing it without support. Also what it means to me having a job is I’m more independent.”

Simon Waters, City College Norwich – Marlie’s Cafe, Kitchen Assistant

Norwich Theatre Royal

“MINT has helped me with employment by applying for jobs online and helping me fill out applications. Working with Sarah has helped me with the applications and me with my confidence.”

Kerry Mitchell, Cleaner, Norwich Theatre Royal

The Range

“MINT has helped me with my confidence and helped me get where I am.”

Courtney Allman, The Range, Retail Assistant


“MINT have been excellent in getting me into paid work. They were very quick to get me started and the level of support is fantastic. They have helped me to improve my confidence and I am now settling into paid work very well.”

Laura Watson, NORSE Care, Care Support Assistant

Broadland Council Training Services

“MINT has been very helpful so far, Mark’s dedication towards my progression is outstanding.”

Ryan Barnes, Broadland Council Training Services, Apprenticeships Administration Apprentice

Cameron, DotCom Picker at Tesco








Mint has helped me to restructure my life by setting small and manageable goals, whilst building my confidence using gradual social encounters