Young person's perspective...Nathan Catchpole, part two

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“My first sunset in Cromer”

On 19th August I went back to Cromer to take more fascinating photographs of the beach in the sun which was according to my day plan. For the second time I did a little something different from the first. The first couple of hours I took a lot of pictures around and along the pier, even got some of the tides waving in strong. I’ve taken dozens of pictures of the same things in most other areas. For a couple of hours I had long break, laying in the sun, having sausage and chips for dinner and having a little fun in Cromer’s two arcades, I won a few prices but coin sliding machines there are very slow!

NC2 IMG_8576

Cromer Pier at sunset, by Nathan Catchpole

Till the evening started, I walked back on the beach when the tides were falling back. It was a perfect time to take pictures of Cromer in the sunset and it was beautiful, I never seen such a fascinating beach sunset like that in my life until that very evening I saw it with my own eyes.

After sundown, I packed up my gear and took a long train journey home from Cromer to Norwich in the night. When the third time comes, I’ll be going back to do it again.

By Nathan Catchpole


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