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After writing a few blog posts ourselves, we thought it would be nice to ask our young people if they would like to write posts for us too – to get a chance to be published online and to keep it interesting for our readers! We have thrown it out to them as an opportunity to write about more or less anything they like, and the first young person to volunteer was Nathan…below is part one of his blog, look out for part two next week!


“Photography in North Norfolk”

My name is Nathan Catchpole, I am 24 years old and live in Norwich. I visited Cromer on the 26th July to take some photos as this is my number one passion. I caught the train from Norwich in the morning and was equipped with my Canon SLR300D, my tripod and 2 spare lenses. When I arrived at Cromer I headed straight to the beach and took some pictures of the sea, the pier and both sides of the beach from east to west. I would highly recommend standing near the edge of the Cromer wall to capture pictures of the sea, the pier and town centre. Whilst in Cromer I got some chips and ice cream from a place called “N0.1” which was really tasty.

NC1 IMG_7782

Cromer Pier, by Nathan Catchpole

To work off my food I walked along the east side of the beach and saw some crab boats parked up and saw the lovely different coloured beach huts. On the day there was also an outdoor jazz band playing alongside the pier with loads of people watching.  I found the music remarkable and cultural.

I would recommend visiting Cromer in the summer as it would be good for photographers to capture some lovely pictures and would be fun for families to be by the sea.

I left in the afternoon from Cromer and got the train back to Norwich.

By Nathan Catchpole


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